Women in Sportstech

ASTN and Women in Sports Tech (WiST) have a long-term partnership, working together to increase the representation of women in the sportstech industry in Australia.

WiST and ASTN run specialised programs, provide mentorship, and work with ASTN members to improve their culture to encourage a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

Research shows that less than five per cent of sports startups in Australia are led by women. As part of its current educational programs, ASTN has demonstrated above-industry-average outcomes – with more than twelve percent of female founders or co-founders participating in ASTN programs. However, ASTN recognises that a specific and separate approach is required to effectively uplift female participation and long-term impact.

Queensland Female Founders Masterclass Series

Applications have now closed for the ASTN-WiST Masterclass Series for Queensland-based female founders.

ASTN-WiST Masterclass Series

The Australian Sports Technologies Network (ASTN) in partnership with Women in Sports Tech (WiST) is to deliver a series of online and in-person Masterclasses, for Queensland-based female founders.

With a limited number of places, ASTN will host four interactive Masterclasses, covering various topics relating to the sportstech industry ecosystem, starting and growing a sportstech business, as well as the challenges and opportunities for women to participate and succeed in this space.

Funding partner:


How will it be delivered?

Three Masterclasses will be hosted online with ASTN’s international partners. One Masterclass will be delivered in-person and held in two locations – with the choice to attend in either Brisbane or Townsville.

Who can apply & selection criteria

This Masterclass Series is open to Queensland-based women founders only. Applicants must be a female founder or co-founder, based in and have their operations in Queensland. Applications have now closed.

If you are a sports technology start-up/scale-up founder or entrepreneur (means a technology-based business that uses innovation and or addresses scalable markets, and your product/service/platform/hardware is driven by technology).

Sportstech as defined across 9 application verticals

  1. Stadium, Venue & Event Operations
  2. Media, Broadcasting, Social Media and Fan Engagement
  3. Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality
  4. Esports & Fantasy
  5. Athlete Performance & Injury Prevention
  6. Wearable Sensors & Devices
  7. Medical, Wellness & Nutrition
  8. Sports Analytics, Coaching, Strength & Conditioning
  9. Apparel & Footwear, Equipment, Surfaces

Key Dates

  • Wednesday 13 September 2023 – Applications open.
  • Sunday 12 November 2023 – Applications close. 
  • Tuesday 14 November 2023 – Application review and selection. 
  • 29 November 2023 – Masterclass #1 (online)
  • January 2024* – Masterclass #2 (online)
  • March 2024* – Masterclass #3 (in-person): to be held in both Brisbane and Townsville (choice of which to attend)
  • May 2024* – Masterclass #4 (online)

*Exact dates TBC

Upcoming programs and activities for 2023 include:

  • WiST Fireside Chats: three virtual webinars offered during 2023 focused on “Culture Matters”, sharing the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the workforce with specific ways to build more inclusive cultures, which aids in hiring and retention. Held on 22 March 2023.
  • WiST Presents Sports Tech Careers: a one-hour zoom session to showcase cross-transfer of from other sectors into sportstech. Held on 2 June 2023.
  • WiST NextGen Resource Hub: “Discover Sports Tech”: Access to WIST exclusive original content hub of videos - introducing female high school students and young women to careers in sports tech, encouraging and inspiring them to continue STEAM studies & sports participation. Available to ASTN members.
  • Mentorship: WiST senior leaders will hold “ASTN+WiST Next Level Sports Tech Conversations” throughout the year. A one-hour zoom provides the opportunity for one-to-many mentorship, educating female athletes and entrepreneurs about careers in sports tech.
  • ASTN Fellowship Program: ASTN and WiST are working together to explore the launch of an ASTN Fellowship program – mirroring the WiST Fellowship program, supporting female undergraduate and graduate students to have an incredible summer internship experience working in the industry, for students eager to begin their careers in the sports tech industry.

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If you’d like to receive more information about the above activities, please email info@astn.com.au.