Game Changers: ASTN Celebrates Women Leading Sports Innovation with Power 100+ List

Date: 9-Jul-2024
The Australian Sports Technologies Network (ASTN) is proud to release the 2024 edition of the ‘Women in Sports Innovation’ report; celebrating leaders who are helping to shape the future of sports innovation in Australia.
Game Changers: ASTN Celebrates Women Leading Sports Innovation with Power 100+ List

This second edition of the report recognises the outstanding contributions of over 100 emerging and established leaders in sports innovation. Spanning across data, digital and technology within sports, entertainment, esports and digital health. These leaders work across government, industry, sporting institutions and universities across Australia. The inclusive list represents a diverse array of talent, expertise, leadership and innovation within the sportstech ecosystem.

"In Australia, there's been a commendable focus on gender participation in sports. However, the representation of women founders and leaders in sportstech and innovation remains disproportionately low," commented Amy Crosland, Chief Operating Officer, ASTN.

“Recent data reveals that one-quarter of total funding in this sector has flowed to businesses1 with at least one woman founder, while a staggering two-thirds of funding has gone to male-founded ventures. Additionally, three in four of women founders believe their gender has negatively affected their ability to raise funds, a sentiment shared by only nine percent of their male counterparts2.”

"This report is one of the many steps we are taking at ASTN to drive change and improve diversity and inclusion within the industry," added Crosland. "By highlighting these influential leaders, we aim to celebrate their invaluable contributions and inspire the next generation of women leaders in sportstech."

Compiled through ASTN workshops, interviews, research, and conversations over the past 12 months, the leaders were evaluated on the following criteria: innovative impact, leadership and influence, entrepreneurship, collaboration, diversity advocacy, industry recognition, and their overall impact on the industry.

This year, the report also features an Interview Series with seven prominent leaders in the sector, delving into their careers, key initiatives promoting diversity, and their visions for the future of Australia's sportstech industry.

The ASTN Interview Series highlights a wide breadth of experiences and insights, illuminating the landscape of women in sports innovation. These leaders navigate gender biases, champion diversity and challenge norms to foster inclusivity in the sector. Key insights include the value of partnerships, resilience, and community support in overcoming obstacles.

“These women are not only propelling Australian sports onto the global stage, but also driving a broader cultural shift towards greater diversity and inclusion within the sector," Crosland added. "Ideally, we shouldn't need gender prefixes, however, recognising 'women leaders' is essential to address ongoing disparities and challenges. By shining a light on these leaders, we can better understand and dismantle the barriers women face in leadership and entrepreneurial roles, fostering a more inclusive and equitable industry," added Crosland.

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This is the second edition of the Women in Sports Innovation Report. If you believe someone should be added to this list, please contact ASTN’s Communications Manager, Tara Ballard, at

For this list, ASTN does not include the sports wagering and betting industry within its definition of sportstech. Additionally, professional services related to Sports Innovation—such as digital, architectural, engineering, product design, leisure, planning, and strategic advice—are also excluded.