ASTN to welcome international sportstech student group to Pre-Accellerator

Date: 6-Oct-2021
The University of Bayreuth Melbourne Gateway Office and the Australian Sports Technologies Network (ASTN) have confirmed a collaboration as part of the ASTN-GSIC Pre-Accelerator program. The entrepreneurial education program will see a group of students from the University of Bayreuth, who are part of the Master’s Programme in Sports Technology at the University in Germany, take part in the live-online cohort between September and December 2021. The Bayreuth-based student group, who have developed a 3D-printed foot prothesis for children and made it to the finals of the German 3D-Printing Challenge, will take part in the program alongside other Victorian- and Australianbased sportstech founders, athletes, researchers and practitioners to expand their knowledge on innovation commercialization.

Over many years, the ASTN has identified a need to work with tech entrepreneurs, students, researchers and practitioners to address the three common themes that appear to only receive limited attention early on:

  • Customer discovery,
  • Market/competitor analysis,
  • Business models.

According to the notion that sport is an application rather than a sector, technology applications including software/apps, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), block chain, advanced manufacturing, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, augmented /virtual reality, 3D-printing, advanced materials, genomics & life sciences (including biotech & medtech) as well as autonomous systems have been welcome to the GSIC-ASTN program.

“ The participation of the Bayreuth students linking in from Germany and participating in the Pre-Accelerator startup program is another milestone for the international collaboration between Australia and Germany “, says Gateway Office Melbourne Manager, Dr. Irina Herrschner from the University of Bayreuth.

Dr.-Ing. Michael Frisch, overlooking the Master’s program at the university adds, that “ this collaboration enriches the already attractive offering available to students by expanding the program elements in English language as part of other interdisciplinary activities ”.

“ For the ASTN, the collaboration with the University of Bayreuth highlights the attractiveness of the ASTN-GSIC program beyond the State of Victoria and the shores of Australia “ as ASTN Director Dr. Martin Schlegel points out. The cohort will be delivered online and continue to be presented in accordance with the COVID-19 restrictions in place during the period of the program. Each selected participant will have access to the Microsoft TEAMS platform for mentor interaction, content and program delivery as well as for an additional period after the program is completed. In addition to ASTN’s domain experts other specific industry specialists include GSIC powered by Microsoft, Pitcher Partners (Finance), Madgwicks (Lawyers), Mik and Joe Creative (Marketing), Sports Tech World Series (Market Research and Validation) and VARCIS Group Ltd (Investment and Asia Market Entry Partner) who actively support program delivery.

Beyond the pre-accelerator both the ASTN and the University of Bayreuth are now exploring further collaboration activities between Australia and Germany including German-headquartered sports businesses, universities, and Australian sports organisations.

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