#64: Fearless: The Steph Bofinger story

Steph Bofinger is the founder of Fempro Armour. In 2019, Steph and 12 other ladies completed the first all-female motorbike run of the Simpson Desert- four days of gruelling off-road riding, in the unforgiving, and at times fatal, Australian Outback. For Steph, that ride was part of her healing process, having just escaped and survived domestic violence. While the Desert allowed one dark chapter to close, it brought to life a whole new world. On that ride she discovered the dire lack of female protective equipment for riders. All 13 women faced that same problem. So, Steph decided to find the solution. And Fempro Armour was born. Steph has expanded beyond motorsport, and is working hand-in-hand with Bond University with their Rugby Union program. She has also created a range of products for health care, aged care and disability care. Fempro Armour also create products for men and boys. For more info, check out femproarmour.com