#54: Dream it, then do it: The Lydia Lassila story

Lydia Lassila is one of Australia’s all-time Olympic greats, having won aerials Gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and then become the first ever woman to complete a quad-twisting triple somersault at the 2014 Games in Sochi. Lydia says “playing it safe is not my style”, and she used all of that resilience to get her through the depths of despair in 2006, when she tore her ACL apart, twice, in the space of six months. That time of agony was also the genesis of her creation-BodyICE. Experiencing first-hand the desperate lack of suitable ice and heat therapy products, Lydia created her own. BodyICE is now a global business operating in health, wellness and sports. Lydia uses the latest in tech, and also a deep understanding of mental and emotional wellbeing, to help create a wholistic approach to healing and recovery. Her BodyICE Woman range has been a game changer for women around the time of pregnancy and post-pregnancy, and also those having undergone major surgery. Today, Lydia gives us the inside story on an epic sporting career, and her global sensation- BodyICE.