#20: Sport, technology, education: How Jon Shepherd & Damian Hecker hit the trifecta with Playbk Sports

Jon Shepherd is an Aussie who went to the US and became a College Basketball Star, he’s since become one of the sharpest minds in education and coaching, first with the Australian Sports Commission, and then as an entrepreneur. Damian Hecker has been a leading light in Australian education and coaching for the past two decades, with Australian Sports Commission, as Netball Australia’s Coach Development Chief, and as an entrepreneur. Jon and Damo teamed-up and founded edtech business Leaders of Evolution, which became a global phenom. Now they are back with a brand-new start-up, this time in sportstech and education, Playbk Sports. The entrepreneurial pair share their story, and give great insight into a business already booming within the AFL, NBL, Winter Olympics and Special Olympics.