#19: Rockstar Sports Physio Kusal Goonewardena from Elite Akademy & Tech Genius Ken Fretwell with StableForm’s cutting edge equine tech

Kusal Goonewardena is one of the world’s leading sports physiotherapists. Kusal founded Elite Akademy at Melbourne University, he is the sports physio to Women’s Tennis Doubles star pairing Vera Zvonareva & Laura Siegemund, he is on ABC Radio National, and is a highly regarded author. Kusal is at the cutting edge of global sports physio research and tech, and he gives us a powerful insight today on the show. Ken Fretwell has turned his tech genius mind to inventing new technology for the horse-racing industry: to increase safety, reduce injury and increase performance. Ken takes us inside his StableForm workshop, and tells us about the latest tech and what’s next.