#12: Gemba’s Mark Zucco with key industry insights & Rob Clarke with the Redtails Right Tracks Program, helping to unify Australians through sport Sport's Cutting Edge • Dec 19, 2021

Mark Zucco is the Strategy Boss at Gemba- a world leader in sports entertainment. Mark shares key insights about the future of sport entertainment, and the crucial role of technology and innovation. Aussie country footy legend Rob Clarke and his great mate, Ian McAdam- a legendary Indigenous leader- came together a decade ago to start the Redtails Right Tracks Program in the Northern Territory. ‘Clarkey’ joins us to share how they use sport to bring people together and empower young men and women to live their best life. Our Europe Correspondent, and former Top Flight European Footballer, Chelsea Disseldorp joins us, for the latest insights in sports tech from the Northern Hemisphere.