ASTN ESG Sports Workshop 2024

The ASTN, in partnership with ESG PERFORM, will be running roundtable/workshop session with a small group of industry stakeholders from sportstech, sports organisations, investors, and government. Attendees with be introduced to the ESG SPORTS platform, review a demonstration of the ESG SPORTS self-assessment offering, and have an opportunity to discuss and provide feedback. Lunch will be provided after the workshop from 12pm.
Date: Friday 14 June
Time: 9:45am for 10:00am start / 12:00pm, followed by lunch until 1pm.
Venue: Boardroom at Launchpad ReOrbit
Address: Level 1/155 Cremorne St, Cremorne VIC 3121
ASTN ESG Sports Workshop 2024

Evidence that businesses are responding to heightened interest in ESG issues is everywhere. Beyond a compliance check list, consumers want organisations to do more on ESG to drive for environmental and social gains, and to have strong governance. Commercial sponsors expect that the recipient of funding has good management processes in place and will not damage the sponsor’s brand reputation. Potential investors in sportstech startups, like to understand what governance regimes are in place that warrant responsible deployment of their investment.

The sports and sportstech industries are seen to be behind other sectors, whilst industry stakeholders are demanding more focus on ESG. The result is it’s costing the industry in fans, sponsors, funding and talent – as well as profitability.

ESG SPORTS is a joint venture between Australian Sports Technologies Network (ASTN) and ESG PERFORM, led by expert Professor Danny Samson from University of Melbourne.

ESG SPORTS is an ESG evaluation platform for the sports and sportstech industry that uncovers the true value and performance of sportstech companies, sports events, organisations and venues across all categories of ESG.

ESG SPORTS provides organisations with an accessible option to assess their ESG practices, including a comprehensive scorecard and report, with recommendations and suggested training to improve ESG results.


Invitation only. If you are interested in attending, please contact