ASTN, CSIRO's Data 61and AIS Webinar - "AI in Sport"

ASTN continues its Masterclass series 'The Impact of Technology on the Business of Sport'. In collaboration with CSIRO’s Data 61 and Premium Member AIS, ASTN will be holding a webinar “AI in Sport” on 8 August 2023. Panellists include Stuart Morgan (Lead Machine Learning, AI and Data Innovation, AIS), Jon Whittle (Director, Data 61, CSIRO) and Rita Arrigo (Strategic Engagement Manager, CSIRO National AI Centre).
Date: Tuesday 8 August
Time: 1.30pm (AEST)
Venue: Webinar
ASTN, CSIRO's Data 61and AIS Webinar -

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Dr Stuart Morgan, Director, Machine Learning, Australian Institute of Sport

Stuart Morgan

Dr Stuart Morgan is the Director of Machine Learning at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Canberra. Dr Morgan received his PhD in 1999 from Swinburne University of Technology (SUT), Australia, in sensory neuroscience. He worked as a sports analyst at the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) before commencing as a Senior Analyst, leading the Data Analytics Unit at the AIS, developing next-generation game analysis techniques.

Dr Morgan has worked with numerous high-profile international teams including the Australian Women’s Hockey team at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, and has consulted to Tennis Australia, and Cricket Australia as well as numerous professional football teams in all major codes.

Dr Morgan designed and launched the Masters of Sports Analytics graduate program at La Trobe University in 2017, a program that was unique and first-to-market. He has written dozens of research articles in computer science and sports analytics and was co-author of the winning paper at the 2016 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, with “The Thin End of the Wedge”. His current work is in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms for computer vision and large-scale data analytics in sport.

Jon Whittle, Director Data 61, CSIRO

Jon Whittle

Jon Whittle is Director of CSIRO's Data61, the digital and data science arm of Australia's national science agency. With around 1000 staff and affiliates, Data61 is one of the largest collections of R&D expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science in the world. Data61 partners with over 200 industry and government organisations, over 30 Universities, and works across vertical sectors in manufacturing, health, agriculture, and the environment. Prior to joining Data61, Jon was Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University, the largest university in Australia. He was named CEO Magazine's 2019 Education Executive of the Year.

Jon is also a former Technical Area Lead at NASA, where he worked on software for NASA space missions. Jon is passionate about the role digital technologies can play in society. He has a world-leading reputation on how to adapt software development methods to fully take into account human values and ethics, so that we build software for a society we want rather than one we get by accident. Jon is also host of CSIRO's Everyday AI podcast, which provides a gentle introduction to AI and cuts through much of the hype surrounding this emerging technology.

Rita Arrigo, Strategic Engagement Manager, CSIRO National AI Centre

Rita Arrigo

Rita is Strategic Engagement Manager at CSIRO National AI Centre, focused on building a Responsible AI Network RAIN a world first cross-ecosystem collaboration aimed at establishing and sharing the best practice of responsible AI in the commercial sector. Her work includes engaging developing the program for RAIN and engaging partners to amplify positive AI adoption and innovation that benefits Australia’s business and community. This is through AI skills enablement to supporting the uplift of responsible AI Practice for the ecosystem.

Previously, Deputy Director Centre of Industrial AI Research and Innovation (CIAIRI), Chief Digital Advisor at Microsoft she cultivates innovation with emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Mixed Reality (MR) & Digital Twin to industry sectors including health, transport, energy, education and urban planning, customer engagement and environmental stewardship. She was appointed an AI Ambassador and continues to advocate for ways that AI and XR can reinvent experiences in work and daily life.

An accomplished speaker who has gained recognition as an expert in AI, innovation, and digital technology. Her passion for cutting-edge immersive technology is exemplified by the demo’s she delivers with her own HoloLens 2. She has been sought after as a keynote speaker for many years, with experience in television, radio, podcasting, and workshops, Rita has a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and society. She is also an esteemed judge of the Women in AI Awards and looks forward to continuing her contributions to this important initiative.

She holds a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and Computing from Monash University as well as qualifications in Marketing (Monash University), Artificial Intelligence (Microsoft INSEAD AI Business School), Design Thinking (Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford), and Design Thinking Essentials (Luma Institute).