Accelerating sports technology & innovation in WA

Insights from experts leading funding, startup programs and research programs that support the next generation of innovators.
Date: Tuesday 23rd April
Time: 5:00pm-7:30pm
Venue: Spacecubed @ Riff
Address: 45 St George’s Terrace, Perth
Accelerating sports technology & innovation in WA

Panel Members:

  • Derek Gerrard – Director at Purpose Ventures
  • Oliver Bazzani – Mentor / Investor at Startmate & Program Designer at Australian Clinical Entrepreneur Program
  • Zac Farrow – Co-Founder at Omni Biotech
  • Professor Chris Abbiss – Professor of Exercise Physiology and the Dean of Graduate Research at Edith Cowan University
  • Sandra Draper – Manager Innovation, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science & Innovation at State Government of Western Australia

  • Craig Hill - Co-Founder at Australian Sports Technologies Network & Advisor in ASTN Accelerator and ASTN-GSIC Pre-Accelerator Programs

This panel session explores the theme of accelerating sports technology innovation in Australia (and more specifically WA), with a focus on funding and support programs for startups.

Australia has developed one of the leading sports innovation ecosystems in the world - from world-class facilities and major sports events, to leading sports science, sports systems & pathway programs. Despite this, Australia’s sportstech investment market has historically been immature, meaning that capital raising and support for startups have been challenging and often opportunistic. However, the landscape is changing. In the last few years the industry is starting to attract a pool of sophisticated investors, there has been the emergence startup programs that better cater for the specific needs of the sportstech and health tech sectors, and government is taking a greater lead on supporting local startup communities.

In the panel session we will hear insights from key stakeholders supporting the next-generation of innovators – from experienced early-stage investors, startup program leads, government, researchers to founders that have raised investment. We will also explore the emergence of Western Australia’s early-stage investment funding landscape and hear from key stakeholders leading the local eco-system.

Like our previous events, we welcome anyone interested in growing WA's sports economy to come along and share what you are involved in. 

Event Gallery

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ASTN Perth Event on 'Accelerating Sports Innovation in Western Australia'

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Craig Hill, ASTN Co-Founder introducing the panel

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Panel discussion with Derek Gerrard (Purpose Ventures), Sandra Draper (DJTSI), Chris Abbiss (ECU), Oliver Bazzani (Investor & ACEP), Zac Farrow (Omni Biotech)

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Panel discussion with Derek Gerrard (Purpose Ventures), Sandra Draper (DJTSI), Chris Abbiss (ECU), Oliver Bazzani (Investor & ACEP), Zac Farrow (Omni Biotech)