Box Altitude: The gold standard altitude systems improving performance, health and wellbeing

Date: 4-Jun-2024
Rico Rogers had a successful career spanning over a decade as a professional cyclist, navigating through a period marked by concerns over performance enhancing drugs within the sport. Amidst these challenges, Rogers remained committed to integrity, seeking alternative methods to improve his performance. This led to Rogers discovering the incredible benefits of high-altitude training, which is how Box Altitude was born.
Box Altitude: The gold standard altitude systems improving performance, health and wellbeing

Fast forward five years, Rogers and the Box Altitude team, including Callum Taylor, Engineer, are pioneering state-of-the-art altitude sleep and training solutions. Their innovations aren’t only enhancing athlete performance, but they’re also empowering their overall health and quality of life.

Rico Rogers participated in the ASTN Accelerator program in 2022, as well as the ASTN trade mission to Europe in 2023, which has helped to open many doors for Box Altitude.

An innovative system revolutionising altitude training

Throughout his cycling career, Rogers leveraged altitude training and altitude sleep systems to elevate his performance. Recognising the efficacy of adaptations to high-altitude environments, Rogers embraced prolonged exposure to altitude to enhance his athletic capabilities. When faced with key races, Rogers would lease a tent to experience first-hand the true benefits of altitude training.

Post retirement, Rogers set out in 2019 to design and deliver a range of altitude systems that would deliver the benefits of altitude training to the masses to empower individuals to optimise their performance, health, and overall well-being.

“I began delving into research around the impact of altitude on sleep quality and overall sleep health. This led me to connect these insights, bridging the realms of altitude training and sleep optimisation,” said Rogers.

Primary use cases for athletes include sleeping at altitude to maximise aerobic capacity and recovery time before a major event or while recovering from injury, participating in repeat sprint training at altitude during preseason to be more explosive when sprinting in game, and training at altitude to manage in-season injuries by providing internal load while minimising mechanical load.

"Box Altitude presents a tremendous opportunity for individuals preparing for triathlons, marathons, or extensive bike races that want to maximise their performance. Additionally, sprint training with our systems also extends its benefits across various sports, making Box accessible to athletes of all levels, including weekend enthusiasts,” added Rogers.

What are the health benefits of altitude?

The health benefits of sleeping in oxygen-depleted (hypoxic) environments are widely recognised. Live-High Train Low altitude training (sleeping at altitude and training at sea-level) induces an EPO response which increases red blood cell production and enhances oxygen delivery to muscles. As a result, muscles receive more oxygen during physical activity, which boosts endurance and performance. Enhanced oxygen delivery also aids in quicker recovery, delays fatigue, and supports sustained aerobic exercise by ensuring that muscles have a steady supply of the oxygen needed for energy production. Combined with Training at sea level allows athletes to maintain higher training intensities.

Adoption to altitude and outcomes graph

Historically, the benefits of altitude were restricted to those with access to natural altitude; however, with the introduction of Box Altitude, this ground-breaking technology has become efficient and affordable, making altitude training accessible to a wider range of individuals. It’s an opportunity for everyone, not just professional athletes, to enhance their overall health and well-being.

Sleep Cloud, Training Cloud, Altitude Bedroom and Altitude Gym

Box Altitude offers four innovative products: Sleep Cloud, Training Cloud, the Altitude Bedroom and Altitude Gym, each designed to enhance overall performance, health, strength, and conditioning.

The Sleep Cloud resembles a pop-up four poster bed tent, which is connected to a machine that simulates a high-altitude environment by filling the space with air with lower oxygen concentration and higher nitrogen concentration. It does so by drawing in normal air through a filter, reducing the concentration of the oxygen in the air then pushing the lower oxygen concentration air into the space. The proprietary oxygen sensor ensures precise oxygen regulation within the space with built-in redundancy. The system is all controlled through the Box Altitude App where users set desired altitudes and view their progression through health metric leading to impactful results.

“For those using the Sleep Cloud system in the morning it seamlessly integrates with Apple Health and syncs data with your Apple Watch or other smartwatches. This provides valuable insights into blood oxygen levels and heart rate throughout the night, offering crucial metrics for accessing acclimatisation to allow you to tailor your health and athletic goals,” said Rogers.

The Training Cloud system creates a customised altitude training environment by setting up a stationary bike or treadmill within a purpose-built area, resembling a tent-like enclosure. The system operates like the Sleep Cloud and allows athletes to train at altitude without having to go to the mountains.

“The Training Cloud system essentially dictates the body’s oxygen absorption rate. We typically absorb around 8% of inhaled oxygen, but with this system we can boost it up to 25% which is quite significant,” said Callum Taylor, Engineer, Box Altitude.

The Altitude Bedroom is designed to retrofit bedrooms with customised altitude systems. From a lifestyle point of view it is the ultimate way to get fitter or to lose weight without leaving your bed.

“It's a truly innovative approach, as no other company offers altitude systems on a global scale. Box Altitude is the most comfortable option on the market and the quietest system available – that can be controlled on your phone with just the push of a button,” added Taylor.

The Altitude Gym similarly is designed to retrofit gym spaces to convert them to altitude training environments. They are used by world class athletes in targeted sessions to achieve results they could not achieve with sea-level training alone. This includes repeat sprint training and training under reduced mechanical load while maintaining internal load. They are also used by everyday people looking to lose weight, improve heart health and improve aerobic fitness.

ASTN mentorship empowers sales mindset for Box Altitude

Box Altitude was a participant in ASTN’s trade delegation to Europe between 13 June and 23 June 2023. With support from Federal and State Governments, the trade delegation gave several sportstech startups and scaleups a unique opportunity to make global connections by providing genuine networking opportunities with local agencies.

“We were introduced to many important potential partners at the European Trade Mission. We considered it to be a great success and we cannot thank ASTN enough for the networking opportunities and support throughout the program to maximise its benefits,” said Taylor.

“In the first few years, Box Altitude faced some challenges in sales and marketing strategies. However, with ASTN’s guidance, we’ve been able to successfully embrace a sales-oriented approach which has helped us to secure new clients and increase revenue,” said Rogers.

“We are adopting a new subscription model (typically $250 per month over three years) which will significantly improve the profitability of the units. This also helped us to simplify our sales cycle,” Rogers added.

What’s next for Box Altitude – the sky’s the limit!

For Box Altitude, bringing together the world’s gold standard altitude systems has been an adventure in self-discovery, integrity and hard work. Rogers is confident that significant rewards are yet to be realised.

The Olympics are also very exciting for Box Altitude, world records have already been broken by athletes using the systems to sleep at altitude this trend is expected to continue in Paris.

"I believe we have a significant opportunity to continue to play a pivotal role in setting Olympic records. Pursuing Olympic golds and world records is incredibly exciting,” expressed Rogers.

Box Altitude is expanding its footprint in the US market and gaining traction among elite teams. The systems are already in use including with champion teams in the NBA and through a rental program with Luft Los Angeles who rent Box Altitude Systems out to locals wanting to maximise their performance.

With ASTN’s support in building a sales mindset and facilitating opportunities such as the European Trade Mission – Box Altitude is positioned for limitless growth.

“As we continue to refine our business model and expand our service offering, we’re thrilled to see the continued momentum in the Australian, US, and European markets. With anticipation for future growth, we eagerly welcome future opportunities that await us," concluded Rogers.

Listen to Box Altitude’s interview on ASTN’s podcast ‘Sports Cutting Edge’.

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Callum Taylor and Rico Rogers

Callum Taylor and Rico Rogers

Callum Taylor and Rico Rogers

ASTN 2023 Trade Mission

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