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The ASTN celebrates the sports technology eco-system in Australia. Below is a list of 100+ innovative companies which include leading sports technologies businesses, national sporting organisations, research institutions, sports distributors/retailers, governments, service providers and investors.

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Company Industry Website Location Size
2XU Sports Apparel & E-Commerce NSW Large (50+ Employees)
776BC Smart Apparel VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Active World (by Belgravia Leisure) Mobile app for Lifestyle Memberships VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
ActiveXchange Sports and Recreation Data ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Activlinxx Training Platform QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Adelaide Crows (Legacy eSports) E-sports SA SME (10-50 Employees)
Advanced Human Imaging Mobile Scanning for Health & Fitness WA SME (10-50 Employees)
AGC (Amateur Golf Challenge) Fantasy Golf Competitions ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
AirBands BFR Blood Flow Restriction Technology QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Aircast Mobile-based in-stadia sports distribution VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Alacria Digital Strategy For Sports ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Albion Sports Protective Sports Equipment VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Alerte Equine Science AI-Powered Equine Welfare VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Altitude Training Systems Altitude Training Chambers ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Amazon / AWS (USA) Technology Multi-National (e.g. Cloud) Large (50+ Employees)
Animation1 3D Visualisations VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Anti-Ordinary Snow Sport Helmet QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
ARDA Artificial Intelligence (Coaching) Startup (1-10 Employees)
Arival Augmented Reality Fan Engagement ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Athlete Advantage Online Mentoring for Athletes ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Athlete's AI Video analytics & Artificial Intelligence SA SME (10-50 Employees)
Athletic Logic Athlete Management System ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Athletikan Athletic Footwear VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
At One App Immersive VR Mediation & Relaxation
Aura (formerly Unbnd) VR/AR/Immersive and OTT for Sports ACT,NSW Large (50+ Employees)
Aura Sport Sports Flooring QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
AusGolf Golf Information Resources VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Austech Connect VR Training QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Australian Life Tech Technology-led Health and Fitness company VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Australian Sports Nutrition Sports Nutrition & Sports Products QLD Large (50+ Employees)
Australian Sports Turf Consultants Sports Turf QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Autocoach Wearable Sensors VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Avid Sports Sports Facilities Management QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Ayvri 3D Arial Video Technology ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Back To Sport E-Commerce Platform for Injury Prevention / Rehab ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
BAJA Board Off-Road Electric Skateboard VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Ball Magnets AFL Digital Skills Training VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
BarTV Sports Sports Live Streaming / OTT ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
BAT Logic Rowing Technologies VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Beagle Golf GPS device for Live Golf Scoring QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Benchvote Fan Engagement ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Benny Button Employee Wellbeing VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Betmakers Technology Group Racing Data, Analytics & Trading. ACT,NSW Large (50+ Employees)
Better by Sport Physiological Fitness App ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Better Cities Group VR/AR Mapping for Stadiums QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Better Events VR VR/AR/XR for Sports & Events QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Better Health Generation Allied Health Solutions QLD Large (50+ Employees)
Bike Chaser Online Marketplace for Bicycles VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Blinder Content Scheduling Software SME (10-50 Employees)
Blinxel Augmented Reality for Fan Engagement VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
BLK Sport Sports Apparel QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
BlueCats Indoor / Outdoor Tracking Systems ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Body Guide Online Personalised Exercise Programs VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Body Science Sports Nutrition & Sports Products QLD Large (50+ Employees)
Booksports Social Sports Community & Marketplace QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
BoomStats Analysis Video Analysis and Coaching Software ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Box Altitude Altitude Training Systems VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Buddee Fitness On Demand Fitness Trainers ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Bullpen Sports Tech Publisher WA Startup (1-10 Employees)
Bunchrides Cycling Fitness Groups App VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Bursty Creative Agency - Sports VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Caliber Sports Group Sports Agency Management QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Canopi Sports e-Learning Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
CAPE Bionics Smart Compression Garments VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Catapult Sports Wearables & Human Performance VIC Large (50+ Employees)
Centr Digital Fitness ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Centre Wicket Cricket Skills Development ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Champion Data Sports Data and Sports Analytics VIC Large (50+ Employees)
Champion Life School Health & Education Programs QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Champ Mouthguards Custom Designed Mouthguards ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
ChampTracker Online Profiling Platform for Soccer VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Chemneera Sportstech ? Consulting & Expert Witness VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Chiron Global Combat Armour Technologies ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Classic Sportswear Sports Apparel ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Clevernation Team Management & Communications Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Clippero Sports Engagement and Management ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Clubix Online Team Management Platform VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Club Operations Sailing Participation Technology VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Club Power Community Tennis Activations & Events VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Clutch TV Sports Live Streaming / OTT ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Coach Assist Coaching Software for AFL, Netball & Volleyball SA SME (10-50 Employees)
CogniVocal Voice AI for Sports VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Collective Wellness Group Fitness and Health Franchising ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Concave Football Boots VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Concourse Golf Smart Golf Buggy Technology VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Cox Architecture Sports Stadium Design & Architecture ACT,NSW Large (50+ Employees)
CPR Group Sports & Community Development Management (ClubTrac) QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Creator Global Internet-of-Things for Brands & Sports VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
CrocMedia Sports Media and Broadcast VIC Large (50+ Employees)
CrowdClip Video Production & Distribution ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
CrowdCoach Fan Engagement, Team Management WA
Crowd Convergence Audience Engagement, Live Events ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Daily Fantasy Rankings Fantasy Sports Information Resource VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Dartfish (Switzerland) Video Performance Analysis Large (50+ Employees)
DD Sports Analytics Data Analytics for Sport Performance VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Delfina Sport Sports Ecommerce ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Deskfit Corporate Health, Wellbeing & Exercise Kits VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Dexibit Big Data for Visitor Attractions (Stadiums) Startup (1-10 Employees)
DFS Australia Peer-to-peer Fantasy Sports ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Digital Fuel Innovations Sports Betting Games ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
DMC Sports Grassroots and Participation Sports VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Dorsavi Wearable Sensors VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Double Take Sports Technology-led Sports Broadcast Production QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Draftstars AFL & NFL Fantasy Sports Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Dynamic Odds Racing Analytics, Horse Trading Data QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Dynamic Syndications Race Horse Syndication Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Eastwood Sport Digital Design & Strategy for Sport VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
ECAL Sports Calendar Marketing Software VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
EDGE 10 (UK) Athlete/Health Management System Large (50+ Employees)
Elanation Kids Activation Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Elite Akademy Physical Performance & Tech Development VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
EML Sports Registration & E-Commerce Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Empirics Athlete Management & Intelligence Systems VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
EMU & EV2 Sportswear Sports Apparel QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
EngageRM CRM Platform for Sports VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Engine Swim Australia Performance Swimwear VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Enpointe Fencing Wireless System & Scoring for Fencing VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
ESPN Australia (USA) Sports Media & Live Entertainment Large (50+ Employees)
Esports Mogul Online esports & gaming tournaments VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
ETrainU Sports Education QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Euclideon Holographics Holographic Technologies for Entertainment & Training QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Eventplus Event Registration Platform Startup (1-10 Employees)
Evolt360 Sports Wellness QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Exoticathletica Sports Activewear QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Eyeguide Technologies Eye Testing for Concussion Assessment VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
F4N Fan Engagement Platform WA Startup (1-10 Employees)
Facebook (USA) Social Media Multi-National Large (50+ Employees)
Facenition Facial Recognition for Stadiums Startup (1-10 Employees)
FairPlay Sports Analytics Systems QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
FanHub Media Sports Media and Fan Engagement VIC Large (50+ Employees)
FanPlus Sports & Entertainment Experiences ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
FE Sports Sports Import & Distribution QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
FightGeek Data Analytics for Combat Sports VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Fitbit (USA) Wearables Large (50+ Employees)
Fitbotic Online Exercise Training App SA Startup (1-10 Employees)
FitBox Fitness Studio Management System QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Fitden Online Business & Marketing Platform for PT & Coaches https:// VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Fitii On-Demand Personal Trainers VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
FITSTOP Functional Group Fitness and Training QLD Large (50+ Employees)
FIXI Sports Management Software VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Fly Into July Online Annual Step Challenge for Charity QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Follow Felix Online Game for Kids to Encourage Physical Activity QLD
FootyLight Digital Content & News Platform for Soccer ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
FootyTips (ESPN) Free Footy Tipping Competition Platform VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Force Hooks Fitness and Health Equipment WA
Forcite Helmet Systems Helmet Technologies ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Forever Fit Kids Fitness Programs for Kids ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Forever Network Sports Media Channel ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Formalytics (My Kicks) Augmented Reality WA SME (10-50 Employees)
Fox Sports Sports Broadcasting / Video ACT,NSW Large (50+ Employees)
Frankly Sports Marketing VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Frog Box (Live) OTT / Live Streaming Sports VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Fulcrum Technologies Video Analytics ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
FulGaz Cycling Technology VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Funraisin Fundraising Platform ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Fusion Sport Sports Performance & Allied Health QLD Large (50+ Employees)
Future Golf Golf Technology VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Futures Sport + Entertainment Sports Consulting ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Gainline Analytics Cohesion Analytics & Consulting VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
GameDay (SportsTG) Youth and Grassroots Sports VIC Large (50+ Employees)
GameFace Real-time Sports Analytics using AI ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
GBoards Surfboard Innovations VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Gemba Sports Consulting & Sports Research VIC Large (50+ Employees)
Genius Sports (UK) Sports Technology Multinational Large (50+ Employees)
Geofabrics Sports Field & Golf Course Solutions VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Gerford AI Sports Artificial Intelligence Coaching Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
GFE Sport Fan News & Ticketing Platform VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
GGWP Academy E-learning Platform for e-Gamers ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Ghazoo Sports Online Management Systems for Soccer Clubs WA Startup (1-10 Employees)
Ginger Sport Kids Sports Participation QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Global Wellness Tracking Physical, Functional & Cognitive Screening Platform VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Glory League Sports Automated Video Systems VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
GoFundRaise Fundraising Platform ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Golf Fit Pro Golf Strength & Conditioning Platform QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Golf Insight Golf and Business Intelligence VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Goya Sport Wellbeing & Development App VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Grabyo Sports Video (Cloud Based) Large (50+ Employees)
Greenroom Digital Sports Digital Strategy VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
G-Suit (by Gravity Fit) Core Body Compression Technology QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
GTG Network Sports Betting and Fan Engagement VIC Large (50+ Employees)
Gym Aware Gym Training Smart Tool ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
GymSym Fitness Sensors ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Hart Sport Sports Equipment QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Hawkeye Innovations Officiating technology for sports Large (50+ Employees)
HeadSafe Brain Assessment System (for Concussion) ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Headsmart Concussion Technology QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
HeartLab Cardiology with Artificial Intelligence SME (10-50 Employees)
HG Sports Turf Sports Surfaces & Sports Turf VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
HiTech Sports Sports Equipment QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
HIT IQ Smart Mouthguard / Concussion VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Hit With Me (Tennis) Tennis Community VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Hudl (USA) Sports Video / Performance Technology Large (50+ Employees)
Human Performance Science Optimizing the functional fitness of your workers VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Humense Holographic Technology ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Hypervibe Vibration Plates QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Hypometer Technologies Sports Media Platforms QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
iAthletics Basketball apparel VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Icetana Video AI-Assisted Anomaly Detection WA SME (10-50 Employees)
IDA Sports Female Sports Apparel VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
iMeasureU Wearable Sensors ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
In2Indoor Fixtures & Results for Indoor Sports ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Incognitus Events Strategy & Technology Consulting VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
InGolf & Utility Golf Technology & Equipment ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Inside Edge Audit & Visualisation of Sporting Venues VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
iNSPIRETEK Online Wellbeing Programs QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
InteractSport Sports Digital Management VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Interchanger AFL Player Rotation App VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Interplay Media Advertising VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
INTIX Online Ticketing VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Inverleigh Premium Sports Content Production & Distribution VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
ION Sport Sports Performance Technology VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
ISC Sport Sports Apparel ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
iSponsor App Sports Fundraising & Sponsorship Marketplace QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Jaro Sports Sports Management and Competition ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
JD Sports Australia Sports Ecommerce & Sports Retail ACT,NSW Large (50+ Employees)
JumpgateVR Virtual reality SA SME (10-50 Employees)
Just Get Active Wellbeing & Mindfulness App VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Just Play Grassroots and Participation Sports VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
KangaTech Rehabilitation Equipment for Sports VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Kayo Sports Sports Broadcasting / Video ACT,NSW Large (50+ Employees)
Kidzphyz Online Resources for School Physical Education VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Kinduct (Canada) Athlete/Health Management System Large (50+ Employees)
Kin Lab Sports Consulting ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
KISS Ankle Ankle Rehab & Safety Systems PPE ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Kitman Labs (Ireland) Performance Recovery/Rehabilitation/AMS Large (50+ Employees)
KNOG Bike and Outdoor Equipment VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
KOJO Creative for Sports and Entertainment SA Large (50+ Employees)
Komo Digital Engagement Platform WA SME (10-50 Employees)
Kookaburra Sport Cricket and Sports Equipment VIC Large (50+ Employees)
KPI Sports Sports Equipment QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Kraft Athlete Workout Training & Communications Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Kronos Enterprises Event Management, Timing & Scoring VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Kruzey Betting Comparisons VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Kusaga Athletic Sustainable Athletic Wear ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
KX Pilates Sports VIC Large (50+ Employees)
Ladbrokes Wagering and Sports Betting QLD Large (50+ Employees)
Leaders of Evolution Online Student Athlete Development programs VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Lens Immersive Next Generation Streaming Technologies ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Let's Live Action Sports Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Lightweave VR Experiences QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
LIGR Sports Broadcasting / Video ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Liminal VR AR and VR for Sports & Entertainment VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Linius Technologies Video Technology VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Live Heats Sports Management and Competition ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Loup. Digital Fitness and Wellness VIC Large (50+ Employees)
Ludis Analytics Sports Data QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Lumin Sports Technology Data Visualisation SA SME (10-50 Employees)
Lystics AFL List Management & Recruiting Analysis VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Maestro Sports Soccer Squad Management Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Mango teQ Holographic Display for Motorcycles Startup (1-10 Employees)
Martialytics Martial Arts School Software WA Startup (1-10 Employees)
MatchRef Referee Management Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
MCN SPORT Sports Broadcasting / Video ACT,NSW Large (50+ Employees)
MDXD Active Sitting Technology ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
metafan Sports Fans and Data -- Consultancy VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
MiCLub Golf Club Management System WA SME (10-50 Employees)
Microsoft Technology Multinational Large (50+ Employees)
Ministry Of Sport Sports Business News Online QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
MiRunners Horseracing Ownership & Comms Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees) E-Games VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Moneyball Australia Sports Betting Platform NT Startup (1-10 Employees)
Moovosity Physical Education Software QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
MPort 3D Body Mapping ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
MPower MSL Sports Payments, CRM & Ticketing QLD Large (50+ Employees)
Mummu Sport Sport Events Management Solutions VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
MX3 Diagnostics Hydration Testing VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
My Action Sport Companies include: CricHQ, My Action Replay and Total Cricket Scorer. Startup (1-10 Employees)
My Club Tap Cricket Fantasy Sport (for Grassroots Clubs) VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
MyDNA Health, Wellness and Lifestyle VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
MyLaps Automated Sports Timing Technology Large (50+ Employees)
MySail Sailing Technology ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
My Sport Evolution Sports Tech Distribution Company VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
MySportLive Media. Streaming. Video. VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
MySpringDay Wellness technology platform ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
nCounters Biofeedback Rehabilitation Solutions VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
NEDS Wagering and Sports Betting QLD Large (50+ Employees)
NETFIT Netball Netball Digital Fitness VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
newSTAR Sports Sports Athlete Management QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Next Generation Sport Sports Marketing & Sports Digital Startup (1-10 Employees)
Next Level Racing Racing, Flight & Motion Simulators QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Nielsen Sports Media / Broadcast / Insights Large (50+ Employees)
NovoFIT Fitness Equipment VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
NTT Data (Japan) Technology Multi-National Large (50+ Employees)
Oar Inspired Rowing Technologies QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
ONETIME Sports Timing Solutions QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
OnTheGo Sports Team Apparel ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Optus Sport Sports Broadcasting / Video ACT,NSW Large (50+ Employees)
Otium Planning Group Sports, Recreation & Leisure Infrastructure Consulting VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Oztix Events Ticketing QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Paladin Sports Sports Apparel ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
PAM Smart Venue Navigation (Way finding) ACT,NSW Large (50+ Employees)
Peloton (USA) Cycling Technology Large (50+ Employees)
Perana Sports Video Analytics Platform (Volleyball, Netball,Tennis) VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Pernix Data solutions SA SME (10-50 Employees)
PhysioFox Physiotherapy Digital Technology ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Picklebet Esports Betting QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Pickstar Athlete Booking Marketplace WA SME (10-50 Employees)
Pitch Ready Injury Reduction / Rehab Analysis ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Plattar 3D and AR Visualisation VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Playbk Sports Brand engagement education platform VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Playbook Private Coaching for Australian Athletes QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Playcasta Social Sports Platform for Athletes & Fans QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Players Sports Omni-channel Sports Retail Startup (1-10 Employees)
Play Hard Sports Equipment Sports Equipment QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
PlayHQ Sports Grassroots and Participation Sports VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
PlaySport Youth Sports Engagement ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Playup Sports Betting Platform ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
PMY Sports Consulting VIC Large (50+ Employees)
Pod Active Wearables (Ankle Braces) VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Pointsbet Sports Betting VIC Large (50+ Employees)
POLAR Australia Wearables Large (50+ Employees)
Populous Architecture and Planning QLD Large (50+ Employees)
PREPD Hydration Sports Recovery Drink SA SME (10-50 Employees)
Preventure Workplace with Sports Science ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Primitive Group Youth Physical Literacy & Pathway Programs VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Profesh Hockey Skills Development VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Prohab Athlete testing SA Startup (1-10 Employees)
ProTraining Programs Strength & Conditioning Training Programs ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
PTI Digital (UK) Sports Digital Consultancy Large (50+ Employees)
PTP Resistance Training Equipment & Programs ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
PUML Blockchain Health Platform QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Puntclub Punters Club SA SME (10-50 Employees) Sports Betting VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
PURE Sports Nutrition Sports Nutrition Startup (1-10 Employees)
QMS Media Sports Billboards & Media VIC Large (50+ Employees)
Q Swim Swimming Form Trainer QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Quad Lock Smart Phone Mounting for Active Lifestyles VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Quck18 Australia Golf Club Management System WA Startup (1-10 Employees)
Quipmo Equipment Rental Marketplace WA Startup (1-10 Employees)
RACELAB GLOBAL Horse Racing and Technology QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Racenet Sports Betting ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Racetec Scoring Timing Software WA Startup (1-10 Employees) Sports Betting VIC Large (50+ Employees)
Raine Scooters Electric Scooters VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Rapid Golf Golf Game for Athletes ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Readiness Wellness Platform VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Readiness Complete Wellbeing Platform VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Rebel Sport Sports Ecommerce & Sports Retail ACT,NSW Large (50+ Employees)
Refbook Referee Technology platform VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
REFLIVE Referee Management VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
RegisterNow Registration Platform for Mass Sports Participation Events VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
REPN Basketball inspired HIIT workout https:// ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Resile Health and wellness QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
RevolutioniseSPORT Sports Management ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Rhinomed Wearable Nasal Technology VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Rhino Sport Sports Equipment ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Rhythm Snow Sports Sports Retail ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Riot Games Gaming/Esports Multinational Large (50+ Employees)
RIP Curl Sports Retail Apparel & E-Commerce VIC Large (50+ Employees)
RMA Sport Sports Equipment ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Ronstan Sailboat Hardware VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Rookee Fitness and Wellness Mobile app QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
RookieMe Online Training VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Rosterfy Volunteering Management (Digital) VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Royal Wins Skill Gaming & Wagering ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Sandy Carpet Online Motor Skills Program for Kids https:// ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
SAP (Germany) Technology Multinational Large (50+ Employees)
SAS Sport Sports Apparel SME (10-50 Employees)
SBP Sports Business Consultancy VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Scann3D 3D Virtual Tours VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
SchedulOpt Sports Scheduling & Artificial Intelligence VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sealz Sports Sunglasses WA Startup (1-10 Employees)
Searoo Sports Sports Athlete Management ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sensarii Swimming Powerband ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
SG ESports Esports Media Consulting VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
SHOC Helmets Optical Sports Helmet Visors QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
SHOO IN Online Video Health and Wellness VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Shunt Sports Social Media Insights VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Siren Media Sports Broadcasting QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Siren Sport Women?s Sport Content Platform VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Skyes Racing Rowing Boat Manufacturer VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
SlamTennis App Online Management of Tennis Clubs ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
SloCoach Coaching and Training Platform ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Smartform Architecture Sports Stadium Architecture VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
SmartSwim Swimming School Management System VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Snapscreen (Australia) Sports Video Sharing Technologies Large (50+ Employees)
Solos Sports Wearables ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Sonnant AI-Voice and Content Transcription VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Spalk Virtual Commentary Studio for Broadcast SME (10-50 Employees)
Spark Sport TV Live Sports Streaming SME (10-50 Employees)
Spartan Sport Sports Equipment ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sperero Race Horse Performance Measurement VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Spolib Coach / Athlete E-Learning Platform VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sponserve (now KORE Software) Sponsorship Management Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sport4 Automated Camera & Broading Solutions WA Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sportcor Smart Sports Equipment QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Sport-e-coach Sports E-coaching QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sportemon Go Sports NFTs ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
SportENG Sport Infrastructure VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Sportility Sponsorship Marketplace ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Sport Management Systems Sports Club Management Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
SportMatch Talent Identification & Talent Benchmarking SA Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sportradar (Switzerland) Sports Data Multinational Large (50+ Employees)
Sports Analytics Sports Analytics Consultancy QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sportsbet (Flutter Entertainment) Sports Betting VIC Large (50+ Employees)
Sportscast Sports Video, Broadcast & Media VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Sports Champs Peer-to-peer Tournament Betting VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sports Clip Maker Sports Video Analysis Software NT Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sportscomm Sports Flooring QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sports Community Sports Community VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Sports Construction Group Sports Facilities QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
SportsCube Sponsorship Marketplace QLD Startup (1-10 Employees) Sports Nutrition online QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sports Education and Leadership Services Sports Education Programs QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sports Flick Sports Live Streaming / OTT ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
SportsGeek Sports Digital & Technology Consulting / Podcasts VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sportsground Ltd (Sporty) Sports Websites and E-Commerce Startup (1-10 Employees)
SportsHosts Global Online Sports Community VIC Large (50+ Employees)
SportSim Games for Corporate & Sports events VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sports Inc Sports Event Programming Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sports Kickstart Sports Coaching ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sportsmate Technologies Sports mobile technologies VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
SportsPass Sports Club Member Benefits Program VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sportspeople Jobs for Sports ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Sports Performance Tracking GPS Wearables VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Sport Staff One Umpire & Referee Digital Network VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Sports Tech Daily Sports Tech News ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
SportsTech Industries Cricket Technologies QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sports Tech World Series Sportstech ? Consulting & Education VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Sports Where I Am Travelling Sports Fans VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Sports Wizard? Behavioural Analytics VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sports Wizard (Game Changer Performance Intelligence) Behaviour Decision-Making Analytics for Sport VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sports x Data Sports Analytics & Insights Platform Startup (1-10 Employees)
SportsYear Sports Event Planning Solutions for Venues ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
SportUP Brisbane Sports Participation online QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sport World Passport Social Platform to Share Sporting Highlights QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sportzlink Sports Club Management Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
SprtsHQ Social Platform for Grass Roots Athletes ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
STADIUUM Sports Tech Consulting QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Stateside Sports Sports Retail ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Stattr Video Analytics VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Status Sport Team Management & Analytics Platform VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Steigen Athletic socks VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
STEM FIT Fitness in Schools QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Stick Sports Sports Games ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sting Sports Boxing Gloves & Boxing Gear VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Stirling Sports Sports Retailer Large (50+ Employees)
Strategic Sport Solutions Sports Advisory QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Strength By Numbers (AXIT) Human Performance Measurement VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Stretch Sense Motion Capture SME (10-50 Employees)
SUBTECH SPORTS Sports Apparel ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Supacore Injury Prevention Compression Gear VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Sweat Female Fitness Community (Digital) SA Large (50+ Employees)
Swift Performance Sports Performance Equipment QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
SwimPro Real-time Swimming Video Analytics ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Sykes Rowing Technologies VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Synergy Sports (USA) Video and AI Technology Large (50+ Employees)
Talon Technology Carbon Fibre Rowing Oars ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Team App Mobile App VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Teammo Sports Payments VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
TEAMPAY Team Payments QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Techfront Australia Arena Management Technology ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Tech Gym Robotic Rehabilitation Devices ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Techtel Broadcast Systems Integration ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
TEG Live Ticketing Tech and Live Events ACT,NSW Large (50+ Employees)
The Athlete Advantage Online Athlete Wellbeing & Career Programs ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
The Chiefs Esports Club Esports QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
The Digital Athlete Athlete & Social Media Platform VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
The Ludus Video-based sports skill training VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
ThemeBoy Sports League /Club Management Platform VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
The Roar Online Sports Opinion Platform ACT,NSW Large (50+ Employees)
The Tennis Menu Tennic Coaching Technology VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Thrive Meals Customised Nutrition Solutions & Lifestyle Plans ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
TidyHQ CRM Software for Sports VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Today's Plan Cycling Training System for Coaches ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Topend Sports Sports Science Nutrition content WA Startup (1-10 Employees)
Tornelo Tournament Platform for Chess VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Torpedo7 NZ?s leading Outdoor & Action sports retailer Large (50+ Employees)
TPF Sports Sports Marketing & Merchandise Agency VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Track VU Athlete Tracking VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Treiner Soccer Training Platform On Demand VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Tribal Football Global Soccer Content & News VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Tribal Sport Apparel & Merchandise QLD SME (10-50 Employees)
Tribe One-stop-shop for Sports Fans (Mobile) Startup (1-10 Employees)
Tribez Social Sports Marketplace Platform ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
TripleS Data Triple S Data ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Tsunami Sport Sports Eco Wear / Sports Apparel SME (10-50 Employees)
Turnstile Sports Sponsorship Valuation Platform VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Ultra Sync Sports Fan Engagement with Emotions VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
UMNI Digital Signage & IPTV Management at Venue VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Unbnd VR/AR/Immersive for Sports ACT,NSW Large (50+ Employees)
Urbnsurf Surf Park Designer & Developer VIC Large (50+ Employees)
Valaar Running Event Platform VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
VALD Performance Sports Performance & Allied Health QLD Large (50+ Employees)
Valor Esports Esports Education QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Vapour Media Fantasy Sports VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Ventou Cycling Garments VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Virtual Eye 3D Broadcast Graphics SME (10-50 Employees)
Visual Coaching Online Strength & Conditioning Coaching Tool VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Vitruvian Fitness & Health Equipment WA SME (10-50 Employees)
VIZRT (Norway) Sports Broadcast & Video Large (50+ Employees)
Vlast (by Pickstar) Athlete Talent Activitations & Digital Engagement WA SME (10-50 Employees)
VPA Technologies Live Broadcast & Video Production QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
V-Sport Sports Distribution ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Vue Motion Artificial Intelligence in Sports ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Vuly Outdoor Equipment for Kids (Trampolines & Swing Sets) QLD Large (50+ Employees)
VX Sport Sports GPS System / Athlete Monitoring Startup (1-10 Employees)
WedgeRo Golf Short-Game Training Tool ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Welcome Fit One-on-one workouts 24/7 VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Wellteq Digital Health & Wellbeing Platform VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Wicked Witch Game Developers for Sports VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
Wicky Sports Data Analytics, Predictions & Insights ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Wildmoka Sports Video Large (50+ Employees)
WSC Sports (Israel) Video and AI Technology Large (50+ Employees)
Wylas Timing Sport Timing Software QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
X-Golf Golf Simulating VIC SME (10-50 Employees)
XP Esports Esports QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
XSYTE Solutions Sports Websites & Club Management Systems QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
XTM Australia Snow Accessories and Clothing VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Xtreme Kinetic 3D Knitted Minimal Shoes VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Ybell Fitness Fitness Equipment ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)
Yepp Rowing Rowing Technologies VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
YikeBike Electric Smart Bike (folding) Startup (1-10 Employees)
Yobe Active Resource & Management Platform for Endurance Sports VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
YouGov (UK) Sports Market Research & Insights Large (50+ Employees)
Your Health Plus Digital Wellbing Platform QLD Startup (1-10 Employees)
Zafty Intelligence Passive Mental Health Monitoring VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
ZappaSoft Skills & Coaching Development VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Zed Run Digital Horse Racing ACT,NSW Large (50+ Employees)
Zena Sport Female Impact Protection Vest VIC Startup (1-10 Employees)
Zings LED Cricket bails SA SME (10-50 Employees)
Zonely Golf Community Engagement Marketplace ACT,NSW Startup (1-10 Employees)
Zova Fitness Exercise Mobile App ACT,NSW SME (10-50 Employees)